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Book Rec - Unraveller

Check out this gorgeous YA fantasy!

In this world, anyone can become a curser, someone whose hate and anger can unleash on a target and curse them into a new form or torment. Kellen has the power to unravel these curses, as well as anything around him if he isn't careful. He's accompanied by a girl, Nettle, whose curse he helped lift. But now Kellen is cursed himself, and he and Nettle have to figure out how to deal with the growing threat of cursers in the land and re-examine everything they know about how and why and what cursers are really capable of.

Unraveller is a gorgeously lush fantasy, with a fully realized world that is shown to the reader without being overly explained. The story itself is engaging and full of twists and turns, without seeming to move too fast to follow or two slow to get bogged down. The strange creatures of the Wood are wonderfully creepy, and Kellen is a beautifully flawed character, as is Nettle, making them both feel very real. Even the minor characters feel fully realized. It's a book about unraveling curses, but it's really about unraveling webs of hate and pain and resentment, and looking at how people interact and how actions can have rippling effects.

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