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The Bookstore Cat - Storytime Online

Hello everyone! We hope you are all excited for The Bookstore Cat by Cylin Busby!

Leanna and I have put together a bunch of fun activities and crafts for the little ones. Starting on Monday, April, 4th (today), the kits will be available to pick up for our online storytime.

Enjoy a borrowed copy of the book, and have fun doing the activities. Please return the book after you are done; everything else is yours to keep!

You will have the book read to you by author Cylin Busby! She did such a great job; we hope you enjoy her reading as much as we did!

Kits include:

  • a borrowed copy of The Bookstore Cat by Cylin Busby

  • information page

  • colors game (5 colored books)

  • a flyer for this website

  • 3 activity pages

  • 2 coloring pages

  • rhymes/song pages with web links (instrument included)

  • The Bookstore Cat craft

  • 3 magnets from the story

  • stickers

HANDOUT GAMES – play with included book handouts

Can You Show Me…?

(Tune: “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)

Can you show me the purple books?

Purple books, purple books?

Can you show me the purple books?

And wave it in the air?

Blue… orange… red… green

Hold It High – Choose one books from handouts

Hold your books high and stand

Now wave it around in gestures grand!

Hold your books below your chin

Now hold it way up high again

Hold your books against your nose

Now touch the books to your toes

Touch your books to the ground

Now wave that books all around!

Hold your books in front of you

Now turn around – one time, two!

Hold your books and jump up high!

Now let your books fly fly fly (throw it in the air)

SONGS & INSTRUMENTuse included instruments

Kitty Cat Song by Sozo Studios

The Alphabet Swing by Super Simple Songs

Cat Cat Cat by Pinkfong

Peekaboo by Super Simple Songs

BOUNCE RHYME (bounce along with child in lap)

My Kitty

My kitty jumps up high

(bounce child up high)

My kitty jumps down low

(hold child down low)

My kitty stretches by a sunny window.

(stretch arms up high)

My kitty’s tail swishes to and fro.

(rock child back and forth)

My kitty likes to climb a tree.

(lift child up high)

But always runs home for tea

(bounce child quickly)

My kitty jumps up on my knee

(pat child’s knees)

My kitty’s whiskers tickle me!

(tickle under child’s chin)


One Little Kitten

One little kitten with a tiny mew,

Called for another, and then there were two.

Two little kittens, climbing up a tree,

Called for another, and then there were three.

Three little kittens, racing ‘round the floor,

Called for a friend, and then there were four.

Four little kittens, frisky and alive,

Called for a friend, and then there were five.

A puppy comes along, hoping for some fun,

And all the little kittens run, run, run!


(Tune: “B-I-N-G-O”)

There was a lady had a cat

And Kitty was her name-o.

K-I-T-T-Y, K-I-T-T-Y, K-I-T-T-Y,

And Kitty was her name-o.

(Sing four more times; take away one letter for each verse and clap instead of saying the missing letter until all are gone.)

Carrie Had a Little Cat

(Tune: “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Carrie had a little cat,

Little cat, little cat.

Carrie had a little cat.

Its fur was white as snow.

Everywhere that Carrie went,

Carrie went, Carrie went.

Everywhere that Carrie went

The cat was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day,

School one day, school one day.

It followed her to school one day,

Oh, yes, the cat knew how.

It made the children laugh and play,

Laugh and play, laugh and play.

It made the children laugh and play

To hear the cat meow. (Meow!)

(Can sing with any name, not just Carrie!)

Come, Kitty

A kitten is hiding under a chair,

(hide one thumb in other hand)

I looked and looked for her everywhere.

(peer about with hand on forehead)

Under the table and under the bed,

(pretend to look)

I looked in the corner and then I said,

“Come, Kitty, come, Kitty, I have milk for you.”

(cup hand to make a dish and extend)

Kitty came running and calling, “Mew! Mew!”

(run fingers up arm)


Author Cylin Busby’s site:

Artist Charles Santoso’s site:

Let us know what your little ones thought of The Bookstore Cat! What did they think of the activities? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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