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Caption Contest Winners

We have our winners for December's Caption Contest! A big thank you to everyone that participated. We loved all of the submissions, and wish everyone could be a winner! Unfortunately, we had to choose 4. A big congratulations to Kalsea for winning first place with a $20 GameStop gift card! Our runners up were Hayden, Lilly and Elijah, who each won a $15 GameStop gift card!

Read below the pictures to see the awesome captions they came up with!

Photo 1

" In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips." - Kalsea

"When the PS5 comes out and you've finished delivering presents early" - Hayden

"Okay, Santa, I'm picking Luigi and you can be Mario." - Lilly

"Winner buys lunch... Pizza!!!" - Elijah

Photo 2

"Say yes to new adventures!" - Kalsea

"When my mom makes me go to the library" - Hayden

"Whaaaat? Did the princess run by!?!?" - Lilly

"Books and games for life!" - Elijah

Photo 3

"Are you a software update? Because not now." - Kalsea

"Gaming at the library is just as fun as reading at the library" - Hayden

"Whatever, Grinch. I got a mushroom and I'm going to grow thiiiiiis big!" - Lilly

"Time to beat the boss's high score!" - Elijah

Photo 4

"Do not try me! I'm not a sample." - Kalsea

"Me every time I play with my little brother" - Hayden

"Ho ho ho, sure was fun gaming at Swanton Library!" - Lilly

"Ho ho ho, I'm on the nice list! POW!" - Elijah

We hope you had a great time during your holiday break! Thank you again to all of the participants!

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