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Congrats, Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Leanna and I really appreciate your participation in the SPL Summer Scavenger Hunt! We hope you have enjoyed going around Swanton and finding everything! To pay off your efforts, we would like to congratulate each and every one of you for the following prizes!

The Grand Prize Reward goes to Ricky! We hope you enjoy your movie pack!

Inside you will find a bag of M&Ms, a bottle each of Coca-Cola and Sprite, Twizzlers, a box of 6 microwavable popcorn, and 4 DVDs: Shirley Temple & Friends (8 movies + 15 shorts), Murder on the Orient Express, Pearl Harbor, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! We hope you share with your family, Ricky!

Everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt will also receive the following coupons:

*A free Kiddie Cone or $1 off from Honey Bear Ice Cream

*A free 7" one-item pizza from Pisanello's Pizza

*A free soft serve cone or cup from Burger King, or

*A free Croissan'wich from Burger King, and

*A free donut from CK Sweets!

Congratulations to Cherish, Jacelyn, September, Ethan, Slade, Hannah, Maggie, Susan, Lindsey, Sharon, Jackson, Tim, Carol, Amanda, Gary, Kenzi, Brady, Collin, Madison, Christina, Cody, Kayla, Ethan, Amelia, Addisen, Paige, and Audrey! We are excited for you all, and hope you have enjoyed your summer! A big thank you again for participating!

We will be announcing the Summer Reading winners as soon as all of the prizes are here! Good luck, readers!

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