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Exotic Zoo Visit - Pictures!

On Friday, July 30, Exotic Zoo visited the library for our Summer Reading Program finale! A lot of people showed up to meet all the amazing animals Javon, owner of Exotic Zoo, brought to the library.

First up, we met Heather, a groundhog. While not the most exotic animal, she was definitely the friendliest! Everyone got to pet her, and you could even rub her ears!

Next we met Luna, a Eurasian Eagle Owl!

Luna demonstrated her wing span, her ability to turn her head 270 degrees, and her talons as she was walked around the room.

Next up: An Arctic fox kit, only about five weeks old! In the summer they're gray, but in winter they turn pure white. This kit doesn't have a name yet, but a few of the kids had some suggestions!

Next up: Rosie the tarantula! Luckily she didn't jump off that stick!

Mr. Jenkins, a ring-tailed lemur, jumped from shoulder to shoulder around the room, including on Miss Amanda's and Miss Leanna's shoulders!

Nairobi, a Siberian Lynx, showed off her beautiful fur. We also got to see her claws, her short tail, and her ear tufts!

Next we met Major, a huge tortoise, who had been with Javon since Javon was 5 years old and was the size of the quarter when he got him!

Next we met Pączki, a kinkajou! Check out Pączki hanging by the tail!

Isabella, a baboon, showed off her food-stuffing ability, as well as her love of pretzels!

All the adults got to come up to pet Darwin, the kangaroo. Miss Amanda even got to feed him!

Last, we got to meet Gabrielle, an enormous reticulated python. She was longer than two tables put together! Everyone who wanted to got to come up and touch her.

Thanks so much to Javon and the animals from the Exotic Zoo!

This program was funded through a federal Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA grant awarded by the State Library of Ohio. The content does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the granting agencies.

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