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Grand Prize Drawings

We will be calling on Monday, August 10th to announce the winners and arrange prize pickups for the Kids' Summer Reading Challenge and for the SPL Summer Scavenger Hunt! Toddler winners have already been called. We are still waiting on a couple of prizes for the teens; we will definitely let you all know when we announce those winners as well!

The winners of the Scavenger Hunt will receive a movie pack for the family, containing 4 DVDs, a box of popcorn, a bag of M&M's and Twizzlers, along with 2 pops. Great job to everyone who participated and found everything on the Hunt! We hope you liked exploring Swanton :) All other participants will receive gifts certificates for local establishments. This includes a dollar off of Honey Bear ice cream, a free donut from CK Sweets, a free mini pizza from Pisanello's, and 2 different Burger King coupons (free croissan'wich andfree soft serve ice cream).

One of the winners of the grand prizes for the children's Summer Reading Challenge will also receive a movie pack, with the same items listed above, but with different movies, all for kids! Along with the movie pack, we will also have 11 other prizes to choose from. Keep an eye out on Monday for a post about the different grand prizes. There will also be free coupons and free books as well. We hope you enjoyed the different activities for the summer!

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