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Hobby Farm Pictures!

Yesterday (Thursday, June 24), Erica from a local hobby farm, her friend Annette, their families and volunteers from a local 4-H club, visited the library with some of their animals! We had a great turnout, and got to meet a lot of farm animals!

Erica's daughter, the poultry ambassador for this year's county fair, introduced chickens and turkeys to everyone.

There were three chickens and two turkeys total!

Erica's daughters also introduced two goats to everyone.

Annette and family showed off their rabbits; she brought five in total, all just a few months old.

Last, we finally got to meet a mini-horse! Chip the mini-horse neighed and ate a lot of the library's lawn! Everyone who wanted to got to come up and pet him.

Thank you so much to Erica and Annette and everyone else who came with the animals, and to everyone who came to meet them! We'll see everyone again next week on Friday, July 2 at 2:00 pm to meet Nature's Nursery and three local wild animals!

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