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I Am Not a Chair! - Storytime Online

Hello everyone! We hope you are all excited for I Am Not a Chair! by Ross Burach.

Michelle and I have put together a bunch of fun activities and crafts for the little ones. Starting on Monday, April 3 (today!), the kits are available to pick up for our online storytime this month!

Enjoy a FREE copy of the book and more!

"I Am Not a Chair!" by Ross Burach

"Could there be anything worse for Giraffe? Maybe being sat on by a skunk or smooshed by two hapless hippos, or worst of all—cornered by a hungry lion? No one seems to notice that Giraffe is not standing around just to be sat upon. Will he be able to find his voice and make his friends realize who he really is?"

to watch the story read for #HarperKids, publisher HarperCollins Children’s Books’ YouTube channel. Then, enjoy the activities. Everything is yours to keep!

Kits include:

  • a FREE copy of I Am Not a Chair!

  • information page

  • colors game (5 colored tortoises)

  • 3 activity pages

  • 2 coloring pages

  • rhymes/song pages with weblinks (instrument included)

  • watering hole sticker craft

  • 3 magnets from the story

  • savannah animal stickers

*Here are the following pages that you will receive with your kit!*

HANDOUT GAMES – play with included tortoise handouts

Can You Show Me…?

(Tune: “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)

Can you show me the green tortoise?

Green tortoise, green tortoise?

Can you show me the green tortoise?

And wave it in the air?

Yellow… red… blue… brown

Hold It High – Choose one tortoise from handouts

Hold your tortoise high and stand

Now wave it around in gestures grand!

Hold your tortoise below your chin

Now hold it way up high again

Hold your tortoise against your nose

Now touch the tortoise to your toes

Touch your tortoise to the ground

Now wave that tortoise all around!

Hold your tortoise in front of you

Now turn around – one time, two!

Hold your tortoise and jump up high!

Now let your tortoise fly fly fly (throw it in the air)

SONGS & INSTRUMENT – use included instruments

Che Che Koolay Giraffe by Pinkfong

Baby Giraffe Song by Hooray Kids Songs

Savannah Song for Kids by Lingokids

The Sit Down Song by Mister Clay

BOUNCE RHYME (bounce along with child in lap)

Monkey See, Monkey Do

When we bounce, bounce, bounce up high

The monkey bounces, bounces, bounces up high

Monkey see, monkey do.

The monkey does the same as you.

When we clap, clap, clap our hands.

The monkey claps, claps, claps his hands.

Monkey see, monkey do.

The monkey does the same as you.

When we bounce, bounce, bounce real slow

The monkey bounces, bounces, bounces real slow

Monkey see, monkey do.

The monkey does the same as you.

When we shake, shake, shake our hands.

The monkey shakes, shakes, shakes his hands.

Monkey see, monkey do.

The monkey does the same as you.


Hands Up Now

(“Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”)

Hands go up

(raise arms)

And hands go down!

(lower arms)

I can turn myself around.

(turn around in a circle)

I can stand up on one foot

(look down and lift one foot).

I can listen

(‘cup’ hand to ear),

So can you!

(point to child)

I can stand. I’ll show you how!

(stretch up high)

And we can sit down now!

(sit down)

100 Animals

I went to the savannah and what did I see?

100 animals looking at me.

There were:

10 tall giraffes, eating from the trees.

10 silly monkeys, scratching on their knees.

10 sleeping snakes, lying in the sun.

10 galloping zebras, running one by one

10 leaping cheetahs, running real fast,

10 roaring lions, wandering past.

10 grouchy bears, trying to get some sleep.

10 huge hippos, in the water deep.

10 pink flamingos, standing on their toes.

10 munching elephants, waving their nose

The Yellow Giraffe

The yellow giraffe is tall as can be.

(Put hand up high)

His lunch is a bunch of leaves off a tree.

(Put arm up for tree branches)

He has a very long neck and his legs are long too.

(Point to neck and legs)

And he can run faster than I can, too!

(Run in place)

I Went to the Savannah One Day

(“London Bridge is Falling Down”)

I went to the savannah one day,

Savannah, savannah.

I saw a lion on the way

And this is what he said: “ROAR!”

Snake: Hiss!

Monkey: Ooh-ahh!

Giraffe: (say nothing and stick tongue out)


Ross Burach’s site:

HarperKids’s book trailer for I Am Not a Chair:

Let us know what your little ones thought of I Am Not a Chair! What did they think of the activities? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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