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Local Food Banks

We would like to let our patrons know that there are several different food banks where you can receive extra help if you are struggling to make ends meet. We know these are difficult times across the world, so feel free to contact one of the food banks for help.

We also will be hosting the Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank at the SPL on Thursday, July 9, between 10 am and 1 pm to hand out meals! Simply drive up and the National Guard volunteers will direct you to on-site registration. To keep this as contactless as possible, the volunteers ask that you keep your trunk empty and open it from inside the car — so they can put the food inside.

Please call or use the online pre-registration form, but on-site registration is available and no one will be turned away!

For any questions, please call the Food Bank at: 419-242-5000, ext. 213 or ext. 221 Or visit them online here:

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