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Los Gates Black on Halloween - Storytime Online

Hello everyone! We hope you are all excited for Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes.

Michelle and I have put together a bunch of fun activities and crafts for the little ones. Starting on Monday, October 2 (today!), the kits are available to pick up for our online storytime this month!

Enjoy a FREE copy of the book and more!

"Los Gatos Black on Halloween" by Marisa Montes

Under October's luna, full and bright, the monsters are throwing a ball in the Haunted Hall. Las brujas come on their broomsticks. Los muertos rise from their coffins to join in the fun. Los esqueletos rattle their bones as they dance through the door. And the scariest creatures of all aren't even there yet!

Visit to see Erin from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library read the story. Then, enjoy the activities. Everything is yours to keep!

Kits include:

  • a FREE copy of Los Gatos Black on Halloween

  • information page

  • colors game (5 colored cats)

  • 2 activity pages

  • 2 coloring pages

  • rhymes/song pages with weblinks (instrument included)

  • haunted house sticker craft

  • 3 magnets from the story

  • Halloween stickers

*Here are the following pages that you will receive with your kit!*

HANDOUT GAMES – play with included cat handouts

Can You Show Me…?

(Tune: “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)

Can you show me the black cat?

Black cat, black cat?

Can you show me the black cat?

And wave it in the air?

Brown… gray… white… orange

Hold It High – Choose one cat from handouts

Hold your cat high and stand

Now wave it around in gestures grand!

Hold your cat below your chin

Now hold it way up high again

Hold your cat against your nose

Now touch the cat to your toes

Touch your cat to the ground

Now wave that cat all around!

Hold your cat in front of you

Now turn around – one time, two!

Hold your cat and jump up high!

Now let your cat fly fly fly (throw it in the air)

SONGS & INSTRUMENTuse included instruments

The Haunted House: Who Does Live in There? by JunyTony

If I Were A Ghost by Super Simple Songs

Haunted House by Little Blue Globe Band

I'm a Crazy Witch by Howdytoons

BOUNCE RHYME (bounce along with child in lap)

Haunted House

(Tune: “Pop Goes The Weasel”)

All around the haunted house,

The bat chased the goblin.

The ghost floated overhead.

Jump! went the black cat.

(lift child up high)

All around the haunted house,

The witch flew on a broom

The skeletons danced around

Jump! went the black cat.

(lift child up high)

All around the haunted house,

The wolf man howled at the moon

The vampire bared his teeth and

Jump! went the black cat.

(lift child up high)


Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate

(hold up fingers for pumpkins)

The first once said “Oh my! It’s getting late”

(wiggle thumb)

The second one said, “There are witches in the air”

(wiggle pointer finger)

The third one said “But we don’t care”

(wiggle middle finger)

The fourth one said “Let’s run and run and run”

(wiggle ring finger)

The fifth one said “It’s Halloween fun”

(wiggle pinky finger)

Ooooooh went the wind

And out went the lights

(clap hands to the word “out”)

And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight

(roll hands)

Sing A Song Of Halloween

(Tune: “Sing A Song Of Sixpence”)

Sing a song of Halloween,

What a scary night,

Ghosts and bats and big black cats,

Give us all a fright.

Shining jolly Jack-O-Lanterns

Fill our hearts with fun,

But if the black witch comes along,

We’ll all run!


(Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

The cat goes meow (make cat ears with hands)

The cat goes meow

Hi ho on Halloween

The cat goes meow!

The owl goes hoo… (cup hands to mouth)

The ghost goes boo… (wave hands out in front)

The bats go eek… (flap arms)

The pumpkin rolls around… (roll hands)

The scarecrow waves good-bye… (wave)

Black Cat, Black Cat

Black cat, black cat, turn around.

Black cat, black cat, jump up and down

Black cat, black cat, arms up high

Black cat, black cat, wink one eye

Black cat, black cat, bend your knee

Black cat, black cat, flap in the breeze

Black cat, black cat, climb into bed

Black cat, black cat, rest your head


Author Cynthia Leitich Smith’s memorial for Marisa Morales:

Illustrator Yuyi Morales’s site:

Let us know what your little ones thought of Los Gatos Black on Halloween! What did they think of the activities? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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