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Nature's Nursery Pictures

Last week we had a visit from Nature's Nursery, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center in Whitehouse, Ohio that provides medical care to injured, orphaned or ailing wild animals, and conducts conservation educational outreach programs.

They brought three wild animals for us to meet! First, the big brown bat Bruce Wayne.

Next was Sage, a gray rat snake!

Check out her tongue in this picture!

Posing for us!

We also got to check out one of Sage's shed skins.

Next, Jamie read us Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Then we got to meet Einstein, an eastern screech owl!

We compared his wing size to a Great Horned Owl's (Einstein's is a LOT smaller).

Ready for his close up!

Thank you so much to Serena, Jamie, and Hannah (and to Sage, Bruce Wayne, and Einstein!) from Nature's Nursery, and to everyone who came to meet them!

Next up: Interested in going on the Endangered Species walk through Oak Openings? Register to go on the walk next week on Thursday, July 22 at 1:00 pm! This is open to grades K-5 so everyone can get a chance to go the walk! Participants meet at the Oak Openings Sand Dunes, at the corner of Girdham and Reed Rd. Be advised there's no parking lot there.

This program is funded through a federal Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA grant awarded by the State Library of Ohio. The content does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the granting agencies.

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