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New April Juvenile Nonfiction Books

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Check out the new books we have out on the shelves!

We are excited about our new nonfiction series "Superhero Science"!

"Super Strength" by Paige V. Polinsky

How much strength does it take to be a superhero? In this fun title, readers will find out! Engaging text and fun photos introduce super strength in fiction, exploring the origins of a popular hero with the power. Then, each chapter introduces how it is possible in the real world, and explores what the future of super strength science holds. Added features provide visual fun, explaining how the science of super strength works, profiling a popular superhero, exploring super strength in nature, and more!

"Super Speed" Blake Hoena

Ever wondered what you could do with super speed? You could get to school in the blink of an eye! In this title, a narrative opener puts readers in the action. Then, fact-filled chapters cover the use of super speed in fiction, how it appears in real life, and the powers possibilities for the future. Special features explore real-life examples of super speed in nature, highlight an example in popular culture, profile a favorite superhero, and more. Readers will race through this fun text at super speed!

"Super Senses" by Paige V. Polinsky

"Although he cannot see, Daredevil uses his super senses of smell, touch, taste, and sound to save the day! Humans don't quite have the super senses of Daredevil. But in this title, readers will explore how people and animals use their senses in super ways! Informative text highlights the superpower in fiction, the science behind the power, and the powers future possibilities. Special features reinforce the text by profiling a popular superhero, highlighting the superpower in the media, showing off its use in nature, and more!"

"Teleportation" by Blake Hoena

Are we there yet?! Youve been in the car for hours. If only you could teleport to your destination. One day, it might be possible! Through leveled text and engaging photos, this title introduces readers to the exciting possibilities of teleportation. It highlights the use of teleportation in fiction, describes the science behind the superpower, and explores how teleportation may one day be possible! Additional features provide visual support to the text by profiling a popular superhero with the power, showing how teleportation would affect the human body, and more!

"Invisibility" by Blake Hoena

Is invisibility possible? Some scientists think so! This amazing superpower may seem like a far-off dream, but scientists are researching its possibilities. This high-interest title explores those possibilities through leveled text and interesting photos. Readers will discover popular superheroes with the gift of invisibility, explore invisibility in the real world, and learn the science behind the superpower. Added features introduce the science behind the superpower, show off where the power appears in nature, and explore the effects it may have on the human body!

"Flight" by Blake Hoena

Have you ever dreamed of soaring high above the clouds? Humans may not have the power of flight, but the future may change that! In this high-interest title, readers can feed their dreams as they explore how our favorite high-flying fictional characters got their abilities. Leveled text introduces the science of human flight and explores how it might be possible in the future. Added features demonstrate the power of flight in nature, show how the human body would respond to flight, and more! This engaging text will make readers soar!

"Natalie Portman's Fables" by Natalie Portman

From realizing that there is no “right” way to live to respecting our planet and learning what really makes someone a winner, the messages at the heart of Natalie Portman’s Fables are modern takes on timeless life lessons.

Told with a playful, kid-friendly voice and perfectly paired with Mattia’s charming artwork, Portman’s insightful retellings of The Tortoise and the Hare, The Three Little Pigs, and Country Mouse and City Mouse are ideal for reading aloud and are sure to become beloved additions to family libraries.

"The Wild Mustang: Horses of the American West" by Chris Duffy and Falynn Koch

"On the North American plains, wild mustangs have roamed for generations . . . shaping human history and struggling to survive it. For the Spanish, they were a tool of conquest. For Native Americans, they brought on a new way of life where horsemanship and horse-trading were central. And for the entire world, wild mustangs became a renowned wonder of the American West. There are still thousands of mustangs in the wild today, but they struggle to survive in an ever-changing landscape and their future is by no means guaranteed."

We also have a new nonfiction series called "NFL's Greatest"!

These titles include:

  • "The Greatest Running Back of All Time" Marty Gitlin

  • "The Greatest Receivers of All Time" by Barry Wilner

  • "The Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time" by Marty Gitlin

  • "The Greatest Defensive Backs of All Time" by Ted Coleman

  • "The Greatest NFL Coaches of All Time" Barry Wilner

This series looks at some of the best players and coaches in pro football history. Readers will learn about stars from every era of the NFL, from the league's beginnings to the modern day. Each book includes key statistics, resources to aid in further research, and source notes.

*Book descriptions were copied from Goodreads, Amazon, and source material.

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