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New Coding Equipment

We are happy to announce new coding equipment for the library, provided by a mini grant through the Public Policy and Advocacy Office of the American Library Association with sponsorship from Google! We participated in Digital Learning Day in order to qualify for the grant. This included activities on Google, doing an "If-This-Then-That" story, and learning about cyber security. When coding gets back to normal, we will hold two additional classes in order to fulfill the requirements for the grant.

With all of that said, let's check out the awesome items that were purchased!

First off, we got 4 new Fire HD 8 Amazon tablets with protective cases. These were purchased in to order properly socially distance and to have more than one person at coding club. (I will be opening the classes from 4-5pm for up to 5 people soon!)

As exciting as that is, we purchased something else that is even more exciting!!! Meet Cue, our new coding robot!! (The attachable Power Blaster was also purchased as an added fun accessory.)

Information about Cue from the Wonder website at

Your robot. Your rules.

Take full control of Cue’s motors, lights, sounds, and sensors with three programming languages, dozens of challenges, and more interactive experiences.

Choose your avatar

Selecting a hero avatar from a witty cast of characters gives kids the power to make their robotic inventions more delightful and lifelike.

Block based coding

Drag-and-drop blocks allow the creation of full-fledged programs with an intuitive editor designed for beginning coders.

Step up to JavaScript

Instant translation between blocks and JavaScript support kids transitioning to their first text-based programs and challenge them to build advanced coding skills.

Code with Wonder

With our specially designed Wonder programming language for Cue, kids can design more precise interactions for their robot using parallel and reactive programs. From dozens of programs, they can learn by example and use the full potential of Cue’s sensors and motors in real time.

Add in the fun

With stickers, vocalizations, animations, custom sounds, and more, kids can put their personal stamp on their robotics programs.

I know our coding kids are going to love Cue, he is SO AWESOME!!!

The other item that was purchased was a catapult launcher for Dash, our other coding robot!

With a simple robot head nod, Dash launches balls with precision and accuracy at targets or into containers.

We hope you enjoy our new items!

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