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Out of Science Kits

We are now officially out of the free science kits provided by COSI, OLC, in partnership with NASA. Sorry to any families that were not able to get a kit from us. If you are still interested in a kit, you can ask other public libraries in the area if they still have any available.

A huge thank you to COSI, OLC, and NASA for providing such fun and amazing kits to libraries across Ohio! We really appreciate this amazing experience that you have provided for us.

You can learn more about the space kits, and other great kit themes at:

Send in any pictures you would like us to feature on our website! We hope you had a great time enjoying these kits.

If you cannot make it to our Unicorns: Break the Cage encore program, we will be providing take and make kits for the skittle experiment afterwards. Stay tuned!

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