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SRP Interactive Movie Kits

Check out our interactive movie kits! Each kit has enough for four watchers and includes a rented copy of the movie and some treats and activities to do while watching. Make sure to return the movie to the library, but the rest is yours!

Kits are available beginning June 6!

Moana - All Ages

"Moana is the vibrant, tenacious and optimistic daughter of the Chief of Motunui, thriving on her island but drawn to the ocean. When her island is threatened by a dark force, Moana sets sail outside the reef and her comfort zone to right a wrong, save her people, and find the answers she's been searching for her whole life."

The Goonies - Teens

"With brothers Mikey and Brand's house slated for demolition by greedy land developers, the boys decide their only hope lies in finding a long-lost treasure. They uncover a treasure map and with their friends descend to a subterranean sea and an abandoned galleon in this fun-filled, fast-paced adventure."

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