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Storyline Online: Snappsy the Alligator

Missing storytime? Enjoy a readalong of Julie Falatko's picture book Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book), by Stranger Things actor David Harbour, hosted by the website Storyline Online!

Snappsy the alligator is trying to go about his very ordinary day when a pesky narrator steps in to spice up the story with slanderous claims. Is Snappsy making crafty plans? Is he prowling for defenseless birds and soft, fuzzy bunnies? Is Snappsy a big, mean alligator who’s obsessed with snack foods that start with the letter P? It’s no wonder Snappsy won't invite the narrator to his party! 

Storyline Online also has a teachers'/activity guide for the book here.

The library has a copy of this book and the other Snappsy book, Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever. Check them out if you want to follow along with the book, or just enjoy the reading!

Book description from GoodReads.

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