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Summer Reading Logs

We've reached the final day of Summer Reading today. Time sure has flown by! We apologize for the short span of time that was given to get the logs done in these uncertain times. That's why Leanna and I have decided to allow our kids to turn in what they need to next week! However, we greatly encourage you to try and get your reading logs in today so we can start organizing our final prize drawing. It's been a different summer for all of us. We apologize for the inconvenience of not having our Summer Reading parties, and hope next year to be a fun exciting event once again! We know you all love the different events that we do and are bummed that we couldn't provide that.

That being said, we really hope you enjoyed the outside activities we have provided you each week, along with the Summer Reading Bingo, and extra activities. Also, don't forget, we still have the art contest going on! If you have any opinions or suggestions for us going forward, we would greatly like to hear them! Thank you all for your understanding; we miss you!

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