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Therapy Dog Visit - Pictures

Last week we had a visit from a therapy dog, Charlie, and his mom Sam Schmidt! Sam told us about how Charlie learned to be a therapy dog and some of the things he could do, and then read a book about another working dog, a service dog named Rescue, while Charlie and the kids listened. (Rescue and Jessica, by Jessica Kensky, is a true story!)

Then Charlie got to meet everyone! He's a perfect therapy dog, whose whole job is to make people happy.

He really liked Miss Amanda!

Then Sam showed us some of his tricks! He's playing peek-a-boo in the first one (he peeks through Sam's legs) and then balancing a treat on his nose in the second!

One last pet before we said good-bye!

Some of you may know Mrs. Schmidt from school, and of course Charlie! Sam is an Intervention Specialist for children who have difficulties learning, reading, or just struggling with emotional development.

Thank you so much to Sam and Charlie, and to everyone who came to meet them! We're hoping Charlie can come back to do "Paws to Read" again at the library soon!

Next up: Interested in going on the Endangered Species walk through Oak Openings? Register to go on the walk on Thursday, July 22 at 1:00 pm. This is open to grades K-5 so everyone can get a chance to go the walk! Participants meet at the Oak Openings Sand Dunes, at the corner of Girdham and Reed Rd. Be advised there's no parking lot there.

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