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Extra Weekly Crafts Left

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Need something to make at home? The library still has some of the weekly summer crafts left! Kids can do the craft either using craft items they have at home or pick up supplies and instructions at the library.

What's Left?


Create and design your own shield and short sword! You will need:

  • Shield pieces (top and bottom) - PDF template here

  • Handle strap

  • Sword pieces (blade and hilt)

  • Tape (not provided)

Tape the top and bottom parts of the shield together when done decorating, and then add the handle strap to the back by folding on the dotted lines and taping those “feet” to the back, making a semi-circular loop. For the sword, tape the handle to the blade after coloring. If you like, you can add reinforcement to the backs with extra cardboard or anything else. Have fun!


Create your own oni mask! Oni are mythical monsters of Japanese fairy tales. Depictions of oni vary widely, but they are usually portrayed as hideous, gigantic, ogre-like creatures with one or multiple horns, sharp claws, and wild hair. Their skin is usually red, blue, or green, and they sometimes have a third eye or extra fingers and toes.

You will need:


You will need:

  • Crown template on white paper - PDF template here

  • Stick-on jewels

  • Crayons or markers (not provided)

  • Tape (not provided)

Decorate your crown with crayons, markers, and jewels! The jewels can be peeled off and stuck to the crown. Tape the two long rectangles to either side of the crown when you’re done decorating, then “size” it to your head and tape the two  together, overlapping where necessary. Then put on your new crown!


You have/will need:

  • Wooden dowel

  • Stickers (regular, foam, gold stars)

  • Stick-on jewels

  • Strip of glitter tape

  • Ribbons

  • Markers (not provided)

  • Tape and/or glue (not provided)

Decorate your wands! Use stickers, glitter tape, jewels, and ribbons. You can also use markers to color the wood. Ribbons can be tied or taped onto the end, either with the glitter tape or stickers or with regular tape (not provided). ALSO INCLUDED: A face mask you can decorate! Use markers or t-shirt paints (not provided). Masks donated by a local Swanton resident.

If you aren't comfortable coming into the library, call and let us know; we will be more than happy to bring a set (or more) out to you! 

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