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Imagine Your Story Creativity Contest

Leanna and I have decided to hold a creativity contest for our youth! We will have two or three age group categories, with a grand prize drawing at the end of August! All you need to do to enter is let your imagination run wild and create in any artistic medium, and submit it in person, in an email to swantonpl@gmail, or online on this website. If you would like to be featured on our website, let us know (also make sure you get parental permission)!

You can use any artistic medium you desire: draw or paint us a picture, write a poem or short story, make something out of Legos, whatever you want! We would love to see what your imaginations come up with however, you can also create something based off of your favorite book or movie. We look forward to seeing your awesome creations!

The age ranges will depend on submissions; we are accepting school grades k-12.

Picture created by Leanna!

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