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Online Storytime

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

With the social distancing orders in place, we are unable to hold normal storytime programs. We miss all of our kids so much and decided to try virtual storytime! Every month, we will pick 2 books from:

and put together packets to take home! Books are read by famous people and celebrities! We will be mass ordering a copy of one book from other libraries to rent and return. You will get to keep the other book, provided by the library! Along with the 2 books of the month, the kits will also come with activities to do and instructions.

For example:

In September we will be ordering copies of Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale, and buying copies of Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen for you to keep!! The activities included will be our normal color game that we play at storytime, a handout with rhymes and weblinks, and an activity! We are still exploring options to make this a fun experience for you! If you have any awesome recommendations, we would be more than happy to hear them! Hope you enjoy!

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