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Summer Reading Weekly Crafts

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

This week's (week 3) craft is ready to pick up! Come inside and grab one off of the front desk display! If you aren't comfortable coming into the library yet, call and let us know; we will be more than happy to bring them out to you!

This weeks craft is to design your own sword and shield!

See submitted pictures featuring the sword and shield here!

Week one was creating your own catapult!

We are all out of materials for this one, but you can still build your own by following the directions below!

Week two was coloring your own Oni mask!

To see the Oni Mask template we used, visit:

We still have Oni masks available if you would still like to pick one up! Just come in, or call to let us know. We hope you are enjoying the crafts!

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