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We're Not From Here - Online Book Club (Grades 5-8)

Welcome to our online book club for grades 5 - 8! We are excited for you to join us in our discussion for We're Not From Here by Geoff Rodkey.

Along with a free copy of the book, you will also receive a review page. You can tell us what you thought of the book! You will also receive a flyer for this website, a questions page to consider, 1 activity page, and an information page with cool links related to the book!

Kits will be ready to pick up soon. Please remember that we have a limited number of kits available, so it's first come, first serve! If you have any special requests or need accommodations, please let Leanna or Amanda know!

All we ask is that you read the book: do as much or as little of the rest of it as you want!

"We're Not From Here" by Geoff Rodkey

The first time I heard about Planet Choom, we’d been on Mars for almost a year. But life on the Mars station was grim, and since Earth was no longer an option (we may have blown it up), it was time to find a new home. That’s how we ended up on Choom with the Zhuri. They’re very smart. They also look like giant mosquitos. But that’s not why it’s so hard to live here. There’s a lot that the Zhuri don’t like” singing (just ask my sister, Ila), comedy (one joke got me sent to the principal’s office), or any kind of emotion. The biggest problem, though? The Zhuri don’t like us. And if humankind is going to survive, it’s up to my family to change their minds. No pressure.

*Here are the following pages that you will receive with your kit!*

SPL Virtual Book Club! (5th-8th)

September 2020 book: We’re Not From Here by Geoff Rodkey

Welcome to our virtual do-it-at-home book club! All we ask is that you read the book: do as much or as little of the rest of it as you want!

Visit the post for We’re Not From Here on under ‘Book Clubs’ on for anyone who wants to discuss the book or comment on any of the questions or activities, or go to post/we-re-not-from-here-online-book-club for the direct link. If you’d prefer not to go online, fill out the included review sheet and/or question sheet and get them back to the library, and we can post your comments for you!

Even better, everyone who either posts on our site or brings back anything included with the book — even if it’s just a picture of the activity you did — will also get a small prize at the library!

More about the author and We’re Not From Here!

Geoff Rodkey’s website:

Hear an excerpt from the audiobook, read by Dani Martineck:

Lan’s family are immigrants to the planet of Choom. The National Park Service has a collection of oral histories from immigrants who came through Ellis Island and experienced new things (like eating pizza!). Hear their stories here:

Try making your own marshmallows (Ororo food, anyone?) at home:

Included as well: Design your own alien activity!

Like this book? Geoff Rodkey has written others, including the Tapper Twins series. Check them out!

We hope you enjoy these activities and cannot wait to hear what you thought of the book! We also hope you enjoyed the extra links. Remember, you can comment here on this website, email us at, or come in and turn in a physical copy!

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