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Week 6's Craft - Magic Wands

Come inside and grab one off of the front desk display! If you aren't comfortable coming into the library, call and let us know; we will be more than happy to bring a set (or more) out to you!

You have/will need:

• Wooden dowel

• Stickers (regular, foam, gold stars)

• Stick-on jewels

• Strip of glitter tape

• Ribbons

• Markers (not provided)

• Tape and/or glue (not provided)

Decorate your wands! Use stickers, glitter tape, jewels, and ribbons. You can also use markers to color the wood. Ribbons can be tied or taped onto the end, either with the glitter tape or stickers or with regular tape (not provided).

ALSO INCLUDED: A face mask you can decorate! Use markers or t-shirt paints (not provided). Masks donated by a local Swanton resident.

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