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New Builder Space for Kids!

Check out the new Builder Space in the children’s area! Here you will find various materials to build and create that are available for all ages. Please note that Builder Space materials are for in-library use only. This space was made possible by funds from the Berkebile and Harding trust funds for children’s media.

Pictured above; City Engineering and Design Building Set, Mathlink Counting Cubes, Brainflakes, Build A Word, Dive Into Shapes, and a Brickyard Set.

Pictured above; Medium Sized Legos, ABC Blocks, Puzzle Blocks, Crazy Connectors, Fish Blocks, STEM Craft Stick Building Set, and Foam Blocks!


  1. Use one set at a time please!

  2. Have quiet fun time (keep the noise to a minimum).

  3. Be respectful to others and share!

  4. Have lots of fun!

  5. Please pick up all of the pieces and put them in the correct totes before returning them to the shelf! Thank you!

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