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SRP - Pirate Week!

This week at the Swanton Public Library is Pirate Week! Ahoy Maties, get ready to set sail and learn how to become a pirate!!

On Wednesday, June 15th at 4pm, we will have a pirate party for teens! Come dressed up and enjoy a pirate dinner (eat with your hands, you scurvy dogs!). The best dressed pirate will win a free movie. You will compete in a Treasure Game as well — who is the most like a pirate?! Also, we will make message in a bottle necklaces, learn how to tie knots, and make cannon shooters!

Arrrrrrrr, what about the little ones you say? Worry not, on Thursday, June 16th at 4pm, we will have pirate training for kids (grades K-5)! Meet Captain Book and the SPL pirates for some fun. Walk the plank, play pirate hook ring-toss, design a pirate flag, and make a pirate hat! Don't forget to dress as a pirate!

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