Virtual Library Comic Convention (VLCC) project

With ComiCon events being canceled throughout the nation, we thought ‘what better way to fill this gap while also bringing you amazing, free, virtual content?’ (thanks to our generous publishing partners). The Ohio State Library, OhioLink, and OhioNet have decided to participate, so let us introduce the Virtual Library Comic Convention (VLCC) project featuring eBooks from leading comic and graphic novel publishers!

All our patrons now have access to several thousand comics and graphic novels with the click of a mouse!  All you need to do is visit this website:

Along with that, OhioNet will be hosting an online event on July 30, 2020 with illustrators, characters, and industry professionals to help replace the missing ComiCon events, all free of charge! Register for events here:

Again, this is all completely free through the support of The Ohio State Library, OhioLink, and OhioNet, and all content is brought to you in a completely unlimited, sim use lending model!

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